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Operation Ore and internet allegations

Concern about the prevalence and accessibility of child pornography has magnified in recent years with the growth of the internet.

The law is clear that it is a serious crime to intentionally access or possess such material.

However, when it comes to identifying intention and criminal acts in this complex ephemeral medium, there are many pitfalls ensnaring the innocent as well as the guilty.

Operation Ore was a large-scale police investigation supposedly targeting paid subscribers to an internet child pornography gateway.

In the UK, thousands of people were implicated and convicted or cautioned even though they protested no knowledge of having visited the site or any interest or intention to access child pornography.

It has since emerged that the blueprint employed to incriminate suspects was fundamentally flawed, so that many people may have been implicated in a crime they did not commit.

With the help of experts, Chris Saltrese Solicitors has carried out groundbreaking evidential and legal research into Operation Ore and is preparing a raft of criminal appeals and judicial reviews of cautions.

If you were wrongly convicted or cautioned in relation to Operation Ore, please get in touch and we may be able to assist.


"People wouldn't believe how bad it all is, unless it happened to them. By then of course, it is too late as the whole machine will be against you. Plead guilty and you might get some mercy. Live through it, and you will have endured the ultimate challenge."


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